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Why produce Rugburns?

                   FACEBOOK REACTIONS!

                      Is there a better way to gauge                                        audience reaction than social media?

Here’s what they said:


“This was outstanding.  Jay, you are genius!!  I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.”

     - Nancy Keller Pegar


“It was ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. You need to go to see this.”

     -Elva VanDessel


“The play was great.  Don’t let this pass you by!”

     -Candy Johnson


“Rugburns was absolutely hilarious!  Those of you going tonight will love it!”

     -Chinook Eagles Club


“Yes!  Yes!  Yes!”

     -Ben Hall


“Went to Rugburns tonight for my mom’s birthday.         BRILLIANT! Thank you for an outstanding evening!”

     -Heather Peterson Morrison


“This is GREAT. I highly recommend attending it!  Lots of laughs.”

     -Kayce Rucinsky


“F-ing sweet!  Great show.  Loved it!  It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen!”

     -Loren Skoyen

If you’re standing on the “Argument Rug,” you have to tell the truth – and everyone has to listen. At least that’s the rule to begin with!  Three couples.  One stranger.  A piece of tacky, orange carpet.  Guns, whip cream, negligees, golf clubs, broken glass and amnesia.  What could possibly go wrong in this high-energy and outrageous comedy?

*Proven audience appeal—highly successful shows in Havre, Chinook,  Missoula & Kalispell!


*It’s funny!  Very funny!  And ridiculous!      Afterall—it’s a farce!


*Low tech requirements—unit set, a few sound cues, general lighting wash—this show is easy to produce. 


*Small cast—four men, three women—perfect roles for adventuresome comedy actors—no role is “tame.”


*Fast-paced, high-energy and outrageous fun. You will laugh out-loud!

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