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THE STAGE  -  London, England

Barbara Lewis

“Old Vic artistic director Kevin Spacey challenged American actors ‘worth their salt’ to prove themselves on the London stage.  In a resounding response, the Montana Actors’ Theatre brings to Southwark a robust new play by Montana writer Jason Pyette.”


“. . .  it is also tense, engaging and infuriating.”


“. . . it exploits to the full drama’s power of empathy with more than one viewpoint.”


“. . . this convincing production ably rises to Spacey’s challenge.”


The Dead of Winter

Publicity & Reviews

SOUTHWARK NEWS - London, England

Michael Holland

“There are many powerful scenes in this play; it is fast paced and continually holds the attention.”


“It is an excellent script that warranted the direction it received.”



Sarah Monaghan

“ . . .  this provocative new play by Montana playwright Jason Pyette.”


“ . . . a strong piece of new work, brave, tightly written and challenging.  I found it thoroughly absorbing to watch and refreshing to have a moral conundrum to mull over . . .”


“Definitely worth going to see.”

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